NEOBUX REVIEW is a free worldwide Pay per click website or service provider available in a multi-language environment as per the user requirement.

This website is from one of the top five PTC site lists.

They start their service in 2012 and till 2017; they paid millions to the people’s everyday basis.

To work on this PTC site, you don’t have to have some special knowledge.

You just need a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

Then you are up for learning.

Signing Up in NeoBux

Signing Up in NeoBux website is a very easy process.

You have to go their homepage and click on the Register button on the upper right side of the page.

Then this will take you to another page.

In the new user registration page, you have to provide some information.

You have to choose a unique username.

And you need one email. You also need a Skrill account, thus you can transfer your earning.

If you don’t have such account, you need to create a Skrill account first.

Then you may or may not provide the referred information.

Next – add your birth year for later verification.

You need to enter captcha verification code.

Then click and tick on ‘accept the declaration box’ then click continue.

In your email inbox, they send then a verification email.

You need to open your email inbox and click on the verification link.

Then, after all, is done, you set up your profile by giving more information along with a new complex password.

Earning with NeoBux

After you login into NeoBux, you can see ‘View Advertisement’. Just click on that.

You can see the ad list and the amount you got if you successfully complete viewing that ad.

There are some fixed Advertisements, and some bonus ad, follow the instruction to earn perfectly.

There are services like- Extended Exposure, Standard Exposure, Mini Exposure, Micro Exposure, Fixed Advertisements etc.

You can earn from $0.001 to $0.015 in a standard account through the different type of ad viewing.

There are more ways of earning, we will discuss that soon.

Neobux review – The Referral Program

When you signup in NeoBux, you are able to recruit new people to join under you.

You can find your referral link in your main account dashboard.

When someone joins through your referral link, a part of their income will pass to you.

That means the number of referrals you have the more amount of money you going to earn.

You can also rent some referrals too.

This will cost you extra, but your earnings are boosted up.

The rental programs allow any user to rent a number of referrals for minimum 30 days.

You can have up to 1750 number or referrals which may cost you $0.27 and your auto pay will be then $0.0077.

But the longer you rent, the cheaper it became, and the value is different for different membership packs.

Neobux review – Membership packages

If you have a standard account, then the Standard membership with 25 referrals having an average of 1 clicks/day will earn $0.17 per day, $4.95 per month and $60.23 per year.

But with the membership packages like golden, you can earn – Golden membership with 100 referrals having an average of 1 clicks/day will earn $1.09 per day, $32.70 per month and $397.85 per year.

And if you have an Ultimate account, then?

Person with Ultimate membership and 500 referrals having an average of 1clicks/day will earn $5.3 per day, $159 per month and $1934.5 per year.

This means, if you want to generate more money per click ratio, you have to go for a golden or ultimate membership.

This will cost you some money, but also the pay per click for ad viewing will increases well too.

Neobux review – Cash Out Methods

The money will be transferred to the setup Skrill account, you provide in time of your signup.

The minimum cash out amount is $2 on the first cash out.

This amount will be increased by $1, for next cash out until it reaches $10.

A little amount of money could be deducted from your cash out amount, as per your withdrawal type.

Neobux Review

Neobux review – Conclusion

This is not ‘became a millionaire in one-month’ plan. Earning with NeoBux will need some patience.

Slowly your earning will increase. If you go for any membership plan with the renting referral method, your income should go high.

But don’t try to cheat in NeoBux, they have the ‘strongest anti-cheat protections in the industry’ you think of.

Your account will be banned at the time of your money withdrawal.

Then you have no way to get that back, and as per NeoBux, they don’t even talk to a cheater.

So don’t cheat, earn faithfully. Want to earn money on

Join for free here. Also check out more paying PTC sites