What is PTC?

What is PTC?

What is PTC ?

PTC (Paid to Click) – programs that offering their users cash in exchange for watching ads. Depending on the nature of such a program, you can find some additional sources of income.

For example: watching videos, completing surveys, paid subscriptions, performing tasks, etc. Your earnings are dependent on the bux type, your account type, number of referrals and activity on the site.

Generally, success depends on patience and regularity. Over time, earnings will be getting bigger and bigger … Unfortunately, 99% of such programs are scams. In the network there is only a few trusted buxes that pay its users for many years.

Best cashout method is…

Money that you earned, you can withdraw via one of the online portfolios. The most popular option is PAYZA – it’s free and fast to create.



From registration to payout

Below (e.g. Clixsense service) the whole process: from registration to cashout. When you click on the banner, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Clixsense registration

  • First Name and Last Name 

  • Email and Confirm E-mail – enter your e-mail contact. In this email, you will receive an activation link, in which you have to click to complete the registration process (in some cases, check your Spam folder!)

  • Password – invent a password to your account and confirm it in the Confirm Password field.

  • Username – invent your username.

  • Signup Now – after filling in the required fields, click on this button. After a few seconds, you should get an activation link in which you have to click. NOTE: If the link is not in the Inbox, you have to look for it in the Spam folder. Now you are logged into account. And you can see the panel:

Clixsense pane

Main Panel

  • Offers – surveys, offers and various tasks.

  • ClixGrid – free online game where you can win up to $ 5.

  • Advertise – here you can set your own advertising campaign.

  • Affiliates – your referrals – people who signed up with your affiliate link.

  • Forum – This section is available in the national languages.

To start earning money – click on the box View Ads:

Clixsense Ads

Different colors of available ads, means a different value of these ads. To receive your reward, you need to confirm that you are not a robot (bot). To do this, you will have to click on the picture of the cat:

ClixSense verification's cat

Now, the bar time will move and shows you how many seconds you have to watch the advertisement to get money for it. Proceed the same way with every next ads. Depending on the service, the verification process may be different. Sometimes there are pictures as ClixSense and sometimes, simple mathematical operations: for example: 2 + 6, where you must type the correct result.

Earned money, you can withdraw via aforementioned PAYZA.

Cool thing is ClixAddon (plugin) – thanks to that toolbar we will be notify about new available ads, surveys and tasks.


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